The golden retrievers were caught out nicking everything from “important mail” to their owner’s slipper in the hilarious dog camera footage. One goldie was even spotted going for a midnight snack.

A dog owner has shared a montage of videos taken from her pet cameras that hilariously capture what her golden retrievers get up to every day.

The clips, taken by Instagram account @goldie.swag, show how her beloved pets Mama Lana, Sparty, and Henny act when she’s not in the room.

Filmed over a number of days in June, the clips are comically captioned throughout to mimic the thoughts of the dogs.

It starts with a goldie sitting in the room with “what to get into today” bannered across.

The pooch decides to grab a “random box from recycling” and bring it into the living room.

The golden retrievers loved grabbing items from around the house(Image: INSTAGRAM/@GOLDIE.SWAG VIA @FURBODOGCAMERA)

One of the pets then decides to grab some “important email” and his owner’s “stonky brother”.

The dog’s cheeky acts are briefly stopped when he goes over to sniff and “wake up” his brother because he is bored.

But, in no time at all, the pet goes back to his antics.

He grabs his owner’s shoe, remote control, and even paper towel which his owner desperately tries to get back.

The clip then switches to night vision to catch out the goldie going to get a midnight snack.

The goldies worked together to steal as much as they could(Image: INSTAGRAM/@GOLDIE.SWAG VIA @FURBODOGCAMERA)

It was all filmed on a Furbo Dog Camera, with the company re-sharing the video to their account yesterday.

“So many things to get into and so little time,” they wrote in the caption.

“Montage of #CaughtOnFurbo moments including a midnight snack thanks to night vision.”

Thousands of people have seen the clip, with the comments section filled with viewers’ laughing emojis.

The two golden retrievers next to each other(Image: INSTAGRAM/@GOLDIE.SWAG VIA @FURBODOGCAMERA)

It comes after another dog camera caught a golden retriever puppy’s “sneak attack” on an older pooch.

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dogs breeds around and one reason behind that may be because of how similar they are to us, humans.

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